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Subject: Making networking your contact sport!

How Networking Can Help Your Business and personal growth a�� Making networking your contact sport!

When you are in business, it goes without saying that every-day and everywhere is an opportunity for you to network with people generally, be they prospective clients as well as with business associates. Without labeling those or discriminating those that can buy from you and those that are just there as contacts, networking can help you spread the word about your business and /or yourself. Ultimately your goal is to hand out your business cards so that when someone needs you or your speciality they will call. It goes without saying that the more contacts you generate, the better it is for you to build stronger business relationships from your network.

Small businesses People in this new age of computer generated networking have yet to learn the skills associated with the art of networking. And yes, networking is an art that can be acquired and learned especially if one can invest the time and effort to learn a few simple tips.

Here are a few tips that you can use the next time you network for your business either face to face or online.

Tip 1 – Introduce yourself.
You’ll be surprised to know that many business owners, even successful ones, find it a bit intimidating to approach prospective clients even just to greet them and the same can be said for the networking Internet user! When introducing yourself, you not only break the ice but more importantly, you allow your target clients to see you as someone approachable and easy to talk to or communicate with. You have to make the first move. Otherwise, you’ll just end the event without having met anyone that might someday play a vital role in your success. A key to this is to remember what goes around comes around. When you are at a function, always remember to look for prospects and sit next to them or facing them instead of those you already know. Sitting with someone you know may be the safest, but you’ll never be able to meet anyone new if you do that. The key is to get to know as many new people as possible. On the web it is equally as important to be transparent and friendly.

Tip 2 – Always show that you’re interested.
When someone is talking or communication with you, remember to hear him or her out. Show interest in what they are saying by letting them speak and make sure that you look and sound interested. No matter how boring the person you’re talking to or the conversation, never allow your mind to wander. The more you show interest to what your prospects are saying, the more they will listen to you when it’s your turn to talk.

Tip 3 – Always welcome events and functions and networking platforms, and join them.
Networking means you have to participate in as many events/ functions and internet platforms as possible. Do not avoid them. Even if you are tasked to deliver a speech, welcome the opportunity for you to be recognized.

Tip 4 – Always have your business cards or email business details handy.
In order for people to remember you, you have got to exchange your business cards and or swap business information. When the time comes that they need your business you should be easy to find.

If you sow your business wisely – Sow shall you reap!

This information is grasped from fragments here and there and although none of it is a definite formula for success, however, it is age old and could be valuable to someone starting out.

I have had personal success with it and I pass this on to you.
Networking is my contact sport a�� What is yours?
Connect with me and together we will build our dreams!
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